Tuesday, August 22, 2017 - 2:58pm

sptsx & tpl
spx & tpl
nasdaq & tpl
russell 2000 & tpl
msci europe & tpl
ftse 100 & tpl
dax & tpl
vix & basptdsp index
cdx ig cdsi gen 5y corp & mxea
mxmf em far east & mxef em global
cac index & nky index
shcomp & cl1
ng1 & gc1
si1 comdty & lb1 comdty
hg1 & la1 comdty
ln1 comdty & c 1
wheat & cry crb
cadusd & dxy
jpyusd & eurusd
cad10y govt & cad30y govt
us10y govt & us30y govt
usgg30yr & lf98oas index
gbtp10yr index & gspg10yr index

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